Potholders by Ruby

Crafting handmade potholders to raise money for childhood OCD awareness because OCD is not about being clean and organized.

Ruby Niosi

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Dexter & Ruby

I just received my potholders and I am beyond grateful for them. I am even more impressed  by your desire to help your brother with ocd. As a person with ocd, I understand the journey he is on and I am thankful I could show support in your cause. 

Brian W.

I think of you guys every time I use my potholders I bought last year! Hugs to Ruby and Dexter! True #differencemakers! Dex for sharing his story of OCD - that takes bravery! Ruby for wanting to do something fro her big bro! And mom and dad for supporting their kids efforts and their passion to bring awareness to OCD.

Nancy S.